Warranty Information

Welcome to the MeBox Warranty Information page. We believe in our products and offer robust warranty coverage to give you peace of mind. Here's everything you need to know about our warranty provisions:

1. Coverage

a. Scope: The warranty encompasses all structural and mechanical aspects of our products. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Locks
  • Gas struts
  • Hinges
  • Drawers
  • Drawer runners

b. Duration: The warranty is valid for 24 months across all usage types: commercial, private, and trade.

  • Note: Products purchased after 17/09/2021 are entitled to a 24-month warranty. For purchases made prior to this date, a 12-month warranty applies.

2. Exclusions

a. Damage and Misuse: Our warranty does not cover damages stemming from accidents, misuse, or negligence.

b. Natural Events: Damages resulting from natural disasters or extreme weather conditions are excluded.

c. Surface Damage: MeBox does not cover surface damage like scratches, rust, or other defects that appear over time. Defects spotted within 24 hours of receiving the product should be immediately reported; otherwise, they'll be considered natural wear.

d. Alterations: Warranty becomes null and void if the product is repurposed, modified, or poorly installed.

e. Promotional Items: Items received during promotional periods aren't under warranty.

f. Theft and Vandalism: Our warranty doesn't account for theft, attempted theft, or subsequent damages.

3. Warranty Claims

a. Reporting: Direct any warranty-related concerns to MeBox via phone at (03) 9007 2189 or email at sales@meboxutetoolbox.com.au. Make sure to provide comprehensive details and photographic evidence of the product fault.

b. Resolution: We prioritize repairing faults before considering replacements.

c. Product Unavailability: If there's no replacement or if a replacement is unavailable for 14 days, we'll process a full refund.

d. Shipping Costs: Customers bear all return freight costs.

e. Illegitimate Claims: If a claim turns out to be unfounded, the customer will bear all associated costs.

We endeavour to provide stellar customer service, ensuring that any genuine faults are addressed promptly. If you have any questions regarding our warranty terms, feel free to contact us. Your trust is paramount, and we're here to uphold it.